The Life of Benito Mussolini

Publié le par Margherita G. Sarfatti, Benito Mussolini

The Life of Benito Mussolini1925. Translated by Frederic Whyte. A pro-Fascist biography of the life and, pre-WWII, pre-Hitler alliance, political career of Mussolini. Towards the end of the Preface, Mussolini writes: my life is to be found recorded-at least, such part of it as can be made known, is no great affair-my life.

There is nothing extraordinary in it to capture the imagination. No victorious wars, no out-of-the-way adventures. No creations of new systems of thought. It is a life full of movement, certainly, but it is a less interesting life,...It is possible that the future may modify these proportions-it may reduce or increase them. But with this my biographers of tomorrow will have to do.

ISBN-13 : 9781169845879
Publisher : Kessinger Publishing Company
Publication date : 28/02/2011
Author : Margherita G. Sarfatti, Benito Mussolini (Foreword by)

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